Rihanna – Sledgehammer

Powerful. That’s what I will tell if somebody would ask me what I think of Rihanna. I think she is one of the most authentic music personalities on the scene. Plus when she gives her word, she always keeps it. And that’s what happened after the release of the highly anticipated ANTI album. RiRi said the surprises were not finished yet. And she was right,

After working with Calvin Harris in This Is What You Came For and Nothing’s Promised with Mike Will Made-It, now it’s the turn for the release of her original track Sledgehammer which will be used as the main theme for the new Star Trek Beyond movie.

The track, written by Sia, is simply epic. It is about empowerment, the one that we get after a bad break up. In the lyrics Rihanna feels greater than ever singing I hit a wall, I never felt so low, so low / Like a waterfall, my tears dropped to the floor (the floor…) / They left a swimming pool of salted crimes, crimes / (Ohh) what could I do to change your mind? / Nothing!…I hit a wall, I thought that I would hurt myself… But I hit a wall, I hit ’em all, watch the fall …/ You’re just another brick and I’m a sledgehammer…

Sledgehammer is a monumental downtempo with fantastic traits, perfect for a soundtrack. The style of Sia is crystal clear and even though Rihanna does not seem to add big differences to the vocal setting of the Australian songwriter, she manages to pack a majestic track. Simply love it. Enjoy Rihanna hitting wall like a Sledgehammer!


Ariana Grande – Into You

Only 15 days missing for the release of Ariana Grande‘s third EP, Dangerous Woman, that will be available starting from May 22. I can tell you guys that my curiosity to find out what Ari has prepared for us this time keeps on raising higher and higher everyday!

After releasing the lead single Dangerous Woman and the two promotional singles Be Alright and Let Me Love You with Lil Wayne, Ariana keeps on teasing us. And this time she tickles my appetite with her brand new Into You, a song that seems to promise very well.

Compared to the other three tracks that have already been issued, Into You is an electronic-dance uptempo track that refers to the idea of sensuality and provocation which Ariana wants to transmit through her brand new album. Into You is so damn overwhelming and strong, empowered by Ari‘s perfect vocals. The final result is, trust me, a sure hit.

Enjoy Ariana getting deeper Into You.

Florence + The Machine – Third Eye

It’s no secret that I simply love Florence Welch and her crew of imaginific artists, better known as The Machine. Simply, because they have vision to shape what’s still unshaped musically speaking, far beyond huge names like Bjork, Kate Bush or Nellee Hooper.

Their last effort is called How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. In this EP Florence and her mates recall the Ceremonials rhythms, with less dark and more cheerful sounds, that leave no room for imagination. All this is combined with the magnificent voice of Florence, who shows how powerful she is.

Third Eye is a typical example of Florence‘s royal style which brings us to the most cheerful and engaging atmospheres. The track starts immediately with a fun and inspiring rhythm, which slowly takes even more sprint with the addition of other instruments over the battery. The great voice of Florence helps to make this song one of the best of all their career to me: the melody turns to be intriguing, enthralling and happy thanks to the determination of the singer.

The lyrics show a reflection that Florence does about her state of mind, her life and her relationship. It is an exhortation not to lose heart, to always see the glass half full, to continue to live and to believe in the many possibilities of life.

Get inspired by the Third Eye. Enjoy!

Alicia Keys – 28 Thousand Days

Hell yes! Alicia Keys is back fellas! The Girl on Fire is ready to share new music with us and, on YouTube, she promises this is only the beginning.

After the low commercial success of 2012 Girl on Fire, Alicia decides now to join forces with husband and colleague Swiss Beatz and the result is 28 Thousand Days. The song that anticipates her forthcoming album is an hymn to life and to live life to the maximum. The title takes inspiration to the average length of a human life made, indeed, of 28,000 days. The mid tempo track, corroborated with powerful and stately trumpets beats, shows a nice chorus enhanced by Alicia‘s voice which is always a guarantee.

The song is good enough to become a huge hit in the US. I really can’t stop thinking at NYC while listening to it. Plus rumors say that 28 Thousand Days has been chosen by Levi’s for its new fall/winter adv campaign. Cha-ching Ali!

Anyway I really hope that with this comeback, Keys will be able to stave off all those annoying voices who would have given her up for dead (musically speaking of course). Alicia Keys is one of the hugest talent in the industry and no-one can’t deny it! Since the times of Falling this diva has written the pages of the contemporary R&B, plus she has one of the most beautiful and graceful voices ever.

While waiting for the tracklist of her new album to be released, enjoy the metropolitan hit 28 Thousand Days!