Pia Mia – Underneath

Remember Pia Mia who rocked out our 2015 summer with her Do It Again hit (enriched by Mr. golden hands Chris Brown) ? Well, she’s back. And more confident than ever.

It’s been more than one year since we heard rumors about her debut album, but still the Guam songstress hasn’t revealed any detail. Until today. Strong of a growing fame, thank also to a very cool collabo with Will.I.Am in Boys & Girls, Pia Mia has released what many of the music geeks around think will be the lead single of her forth coming album.

The track is called Underneath, a short pop’n’b jam with a very catchy and overwhelming rhythm, very similar to the sound of r&b princess Tinashe. Still don’t know if it is just a demo or a complete track. But I surely know that the strong sound of Underneath with a quite enjoyable vocal performance are definitely the right cards to play to put the spotlight on Pia as her very true first single.

Enjoy Pia Mia who’s 500 degrees Underneath her sheets!



Tinashe – Up We Go

Yes fellas. There she goes again. I am talking about Miss Tinashe who, after paying a terrific tribute to Janet Jackson, is ready to drop new sounds with her upcoming second album. On Spin, Tinashe has revealed that she is determined, more than ever, “to hell reach my first no.1”. The 22 y.o. girl has no time to waste at all!

That’s why, and rumours seem to confirm it, the biggest pop and R&B producers have been involved in T’s new project: Max Martin (Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne), Dr. Luke (Missy Elliot, Ke$ha, P!nk) and Rock City (Mary J.Blige, Chris Brown, Rihanna) are just few of the names that are swirling around her next effort. If these are the premises, you can bet your ass off that this EP will be huge!

Meanwhile Up We Go appeared on YouTube just yesterday: a track that might have been created during the current recording session of the new album. It’s a fancy mid tempo that seems to be to be much more engaging and impactful compared to most of the material included in Aquarius EP (singles excluded) that really didn’t pay justice to the real talent of this girl.

And despite the wretched RCA management of this artist, Tinashe is working harder than ever promising that she will win her first Grammy. If the sophomore EP will be only as half mind wrecking as Up We Go chorus, then guys we probably are facing the new 2016 R&B Grammy star. Enjoy Up We Go.

Tinashe – All Hands On Deck

I discovered Tinashe like 1 year ago or something. Just by chance I was browsing some new things on YouTube until I stood on one of the coolest R&B songs of 2014 I heard: 2 On. Quite impressive for this 22 y.o. hottie. Since that I have been a big supporter of miss Tinashe. Beside being a very talented singer, she knows also how to shake her bums, compose and record her music. Don’t let her pretty face fools you. Tinashe just knows how to do it.
Her latest single All Hands On Deck, from EP Amethyst, is totally in line with 2 On sounds. But beside being a super danceable R&B track, there is a wise and well calibrated use of bumping bass and beeping beats all over the track, with an unexpected extra flute loop background that recalls the Zimbabwe origins of her family, giving the song an ethnic note.
See Tinashe rocking the shipping deck in the video below. Enjoy!