Beyonce – Hold Up

Our beloved R&B queen Beyoncé might not be as strong as she was in the early 2000s in releasing massive hits, but nevertheless the rest of music biz definitely has nothing to envy to Mrs. Knowles. The constancy in her albums’ sales is incredible and the success she is getting with her latest tour is truly unbelievable. This is thanks not only to a solid reputation that she has earned over the years, but also thanks to an unquestionable talent and to a record, Lemonade, that many liked definetely more than her previous self-titled album.

In this context it’s surely not strange that Beyoncé has extracted another single from Lemonade. This time the choice fell on Hold Up, created in collaboration with master Diplo. The song fuses three samples extracted from different songs (Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Can’t Get Used To Losing You by Andy Williams and Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy). The result is quite a strange song, a mix of soul and reggae sounds, a track with a Jamaican flavor that might turn into a good choice for this 2016 summer.

Hold Up is an ode about the love that binds Beyoncé to her husband Jay-Z, a physical and mental love that, however, has been put at serious risk because of the rapper’s betrayal and lies, who literally drove BK crazy that, despite everything, in the end, has forgiven him. These strong and crazy feelings are represented into the music video which cause quite a stir, since Bey commits many vandalism acts armed with a baseball bat.

She’s still angry, isn’t she? Enjoy the beautifully mad Beyoncé rocking it in Hold Up.


Beyoncé – Sorry

While the sleeper hit Formation directly debuted at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, Beyoncé has already prepared her second bomb ready to explode from her last crazy album Lemonade. I do say it is crazy because the disc is so insanely beautiful, full of tracks played with live instruments. t would have been quite an obvious choice then to choose one of these as a second single that’s why our Honey Bey loves to amaze us and that’s why she opted for an insane urban track.

The track is titled Sorry and it’s a dramatic song about betrayal. And yes, if Mrs. Knowles has been betrayed I can only imagine what we all have been through. In the lyrics Bey refers to an imaginary (?) Jay-Z lover called by the nickname of Becky, but more in general Sorry is a song intended for those who have suffered betrayal, encouraging them to move forward in rebuilding their lives, not to ruin their happiness because of some jerk passing around. Amen Honey Bey.

From a purely stylistic terms Sorry is very far from the whole Lemonade mood, but in any case it is a very nice rhythmic urban track accompanied by the great R&B singing of lady Beyoncé which teams up also with Serena Williams in the video, who twerks like hell. Excellent. Enjoy Sorry.

Alicia Keys – In Common

Only God knows how hard it must be to stay on top of the charts year after year. Especially if a singer wants to stay true to his original style, ethic and consistency. And that’s even more true in the R&B scene where give-and-take is the keyword for riding high.

New Yorker Alicia Keys is one of the few artists who maintain success by remaining true to herself. After several years of silence, and a below-the-expectations Girl On Fire, she’s coming back with a new album. Once again she demonstrates to everyone what she’s made of. Class, elegance and sophistication. With In Common, Keys gives us the very first glimpse of the new chapter of her career. The song produced by Canadian Illangelo, which has already forged hits for The Weeknd and Drake.

The track is a mid-tempo where Alicia‘s voice becomes much less recognizable than in the past by maintaining anyway a sensual and new-age flavor, enriched by a smooth Caribbean taste. The track is really something experimental with respect to her past powerful canons.

In Common will not be a #1 song, especially in times when lady Beyonce needs to spit out all the possible shit out to a faithless Jay-Z. But I believe that this is the right way for Alicia to come back to the glories (and the sales) of the past.

Enjoy the amazing In Common.