Gwen Stefani – Misery

I think I should thank God, Buddha or whoever for growing up with California rock and ska music, to me the best kind of music of all times. In the 90s punk and ska were brought to success in the US music industry also thanks to one of my favourite band of all times: No Doubt. Since the times of Just A Girl and Don’t Speak, the 4 guys from Anaheim have come a long way, and especially Gwen Stefani has become one of the most successful singers and business women worldwide.

After the planetary success of L.A.M.B and The Sweet Escape, Gwen is struggling a bit to turn her third album This Is What The Truth Feels Like as a bomb just like the former two. After releasing the buzz single Make Me Like You (I’d say a very easy but decent track), Gwen choses Misery as the lead single to promote TIWTTFL. And I can say this is a very wise choice that only an experienced fox like Gwen could make.

Written by Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter (authors of Bieber’s Sorry), Misery is a mid tempo song that draws inspiration straight from the 80’s music, seasoned with a touch of glamour of which Gwen is the emblem. Moreover her voice rises from the low register of the verses to the high notes of the chorus. Perfect!

I really think Misery has what it takes to become Gwen‘s next big hit and that could put our Hollaback Girl again at the center of the industry’s spotlight. Enjoy the full video of Misery!


Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani – Go Ahead And Break My Heart

Gwen Stefani is kind of a working machine because despite her businesses, music and fashion shows she seems to never get tired. But while we’re waiting for fresh news (I truly can’t wait any longer!) from her music solo career, she found time to join forces with her new country-style boyfriend Blake Shelton. I love Gwen but, I must admit I like also Blake as an artist, even though he belongs to a totally different music world from the one I am more into.

As we all know, quite often, when two artists get engaged, they influence each other. Sometimes things can get weird and nasty, but some other times the results could be good. Go Ahead And Break My Heart is a typical example of a great example of positive contamination. The country star Blake and rock diva Gwen cowrited 4 hands this good country ballad. While Blake is of course used to this kind of sound, I’ve been shocked by the amazing performance of our Hollaback Girl Gwen, who although has experienced and changed many genres throughout her career, she has never pushed herself towards folk and country music.

The song is a perfect power country-pop ballad, a breathtaking duet that combines the best of the two beautiful artists’ voices. A confirmation by Blake and a good experiment for Gwen. Go Ahead And Break My Heart, believe me, has really what it takes to become the next great American hit.

Enjoy Blake and Gwen in love!