Pia Mia – Underneath

Remember Pia Mia who rocked out our 2015 summer with her Do It Again hit (enriched by Mr. golden hands Chris Brown) ? Well, she’s back. And more confident than ever.

It’s been more than one year since we heard rumors about her debut album, but still the Guam songstress hasn’t revealed any detail. Until today. Strong of a growing fame, thank also to a very cool collabo with Will.I.Am in Boys & Girls, Pia Mia has released what many of the music geeks around think will be the lead single of her forth coming album.

The track is called Underneath, a short pop’n’b jam with a very catchy and overwhelming rhythm, very similar to the sound of r&b princess Tinashe. Still don’t know if it is just a demo or a complete track. But I surely know that the strong sound of Underneath with a quite enjoyable vocal performance are definitely the right cards to play to put the spotlight on Pia as her very true first single.

Enjoy Pia Mia who’s 500 degrees Underneath her sheets!



M.I.A – Bad Girls

What’s wonderful about music is that we will never forget about it. And sometimes, with no reason at all, it just comes back from the remotest dungeons of our mind, reopening thoughts and offering new reflection cues. Today my mind is wrecked by a 2012 track that belongs to one of the best artist on the worldwide independent music scene. I am talking bout M.I.A ladies and gentlemen.

Born in poverty and raised in misery. That’s the perfect recipe for a soul to express her deepest sounds.

What fascinates me the most about this Missing In Action woman is her strength and her faith in principles. First line warrior on environmental and human rights fights, M.I.A sings with the oppressed and for the outcasts. Yes, M.I.A. never flees away from conflict.

With Bad Girls, M.I.A takes her position on themes that have nothing to do with pop or sexyness. It’s about feeling empowered. It’s about breaking senseless rules for reinventing life. Ironically, you would never be able to tell that this song has so much depth. Bad Girls is a political manifesto: it’s about liberating women from those who oppress them. Filmed in Morocco, it revolves around being dressed in Arab clothing, dissolving rigid rules, allowing women to drive, and do tricks with their cars that are otherwise reserved for men.

Haters gonna hate. Who cares. Enjoy Bad Girls.