Zedd & Ke$ha – True Colors

After reading so many posts and tweets from the most disparate popstars who decided to stand up for Ke$ha‘s legal battle, I could say that one of the bests is for sure top German DJ and producer Zedd who reached a worldwide fame thanks to multiple collaborations with many popstars ranging from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande.

In the Monday following the judgement that denied to Ke$ha to record out of the Sony (Kemosabe Records) and away from Dr. Luke, Zedd wrote a support tweet in which he expressed his desire to work with her when she would have been ready to restart her musical life.

“@KeshaRose I am very very sorry about the whole situation. I will be happy to produce a song for you, if you’ll ever want my help.”

The helping hand from Zedd sounded transparent to the whole Ke$ha‘s crew that decided to accept this kind offer, by making sure that the collabo would shake quite well the industry. And here we go: today Zedd and Ke$ha released the fruit of their work called True Colors.

True Colors, contrary to the expectations (I admit I was quite skeptical about it), is absolutely not banale! The base perfectly fits with the Ke$ha‘s voice, and in my humble opinion could be a good hit, also because of the media redundancy that Ke$ha gained over the past months. Ah, I love showbiz!

Enjoy True Colors!



Tinashe – Up We Go

Yes fellas. There she goes again. I am talking about Miss Tinashe who, after paying a terrific tribute to Janet Jackson, is ready to drop new sounds with her upcoming second album. On Spin, Tinashe has revealed that she is determined, more than ever, “to hell reach my first no.1”. The 22 y.o. girl has no time to waste at all!

That’s why, and rumours seem to confirm it, the biggest pop and R&B producers have been involved in T’s new project: Max Martin (Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne), Dr. Luke (Missy Elliot, Ke$ha, P!nk) and Rock City (Mary J.Blige, Chris Brown, Rihanna) are just few of the names that are swirling around her next effort. If these are the premises, you can bet your ass off that this EP will be huge!

Meanwhile Up We Go appeared on YouTube just yesterday: a track that might have been created during the current recording session of the new album. It’s a fancy mid tempo that seems to be to be much more engaging and impactful compared to most of the material included in Aquarius EP (singles excluded) that really didn’t pay justice to the real talent of this girl.

And despite the wretched RCA management of this artist, Tinashe is working harder than ever promising that she will win her first Grammy. If the sophomore EP will be only as half mind wrecking as Up We Go chorus, then guys we probably are facing the new 2016 R&B Grammy star. Enjoy Up We Go.