All Saints – One Strike

It took 10 years to finally hear back from one of the most talented girl groups of all days…at least for me. And it’s all happening today! I couldn’t believe my eyes when this morning its majesty YouTube suggested me, in the “videos you may like” section, the new All Saints song, One Strike.

For all the 90s music lovers this is huge. Nasty rumors tell that the four girls decided to finally get back together when, early this year, their worst musical nemesis, Spice Girls everybody, announced their come back for this 2016.

Is it just commercial strategy? Believe it or not with One Strike, and their forth coming album Red Flag, time seems to have stopped for the wonderful quartet. A seductive mid tempo track full with inspiration and elegance showcasing their beautiful voices on a wraparound base that simply capture the listeners.

Pass with merit girls! Enjoy One Strike.



Alicia Keys – 28 Thousand Days

Hell yes! Alicia Keys is back fellas! The Girl on Fire is ready to share new music with us and, on YouTube, she promises this is only the beginning.

After the low commercial success of 2012 Girl on Fire, Alicia decides now to join forces with husband and colleague Swiss Beatz and the result is 28 Thousand Days. The song that anticipates her forthcoming album is an hymn to life and to live life┬áto the maximum. The title takes inspiration to the average length of a human life made, indeed, of 28,000 days. The mid tempo track, corroborated with powerful and stately trumpets beats, shows a nice chorus enhanced by Alicia‘s voice which is always a guarantee.

The song is good enough to become a huge hit in the US. I really can’t stop thinking at NYC while listening to it. Plus rumors say that 28 Thousand Days has been chosen by Levi’s for its new fall/winter adv campaign. Cha-ching Ali!

Anyway I really hope that with this comeback, Keys will be able to stave off all those annoying voices who would have given her up for dead (musically speaking of course). Alicia Keys is one of the hugest talent in the industry and no-one can’t deny it! Since the times of Falling this diva has written the pages of the contemporary R&B, plus she has one of the most beautiful and graceful voices ever.

While waiting for the tracklist of her new album to be released, enjoy the metropolitan hit 28 Thousand Days!