Ariana Grande – Side To Side feat. Nicki Minaj

The beginning of 2016 will be surely remembered as the Dangerous Woman era for Ariana Grande. However, despite the big anticipation, our Ari seems to struggle a bit since the sales of the singles she has released so far aren’t exactly matching the initial expectations. In fact, while the album decently sold 1,5mio copies so far, her second single Into You, (one of the best tracks on the disc) is hobbling a bit.

To prevent that the flop of the singles could drag down the whole album, Ariana seems to have already decided what will be her third official single. And the choice fell on Side To Side, a pop mid tempo with cool reggae influences. Plus our Ari decided to play her trump card by joining forces with her friend Nicki Minaj to boost her performance.

Even though Dangerous Woman truly contains so many tracks that would greatly work as singles, I have to admit Side To Side is maybe the most original and fresh of the album, and i.m.o. it could easily become a huge summer hit, especially in the US, where this reggae vein is very fashionable lately. There’s still no video for Side To Side, but I am sure it will be released very soon. Why? Ariana sent a tweet to Nicki implying that soon they will meet, maybe to shoot the video together!

While we wait for the official video, enjoy the hot Side To Side!


Ariana Grande – Into You

Only 15 days missing for the release of Ariana Grande‘s third EP, Dangerous Woman, that will be available starting from May 22. I can tell you guys that my curiosity to find out what Ari has prepared for us this time keeps on raising higher and higher everyday!

After releasing the lead single Dangerous Woman and the two promotional singles Be Alright and Let Me Love You with Lil Wayne, Ariana keeps on teasing us. And this time she tickles my appetite with her brand new Into You, a song that seems to promise very well.

Compared to the other three tracks that have already been issued, Into You is an electronic-dance uptempo track that refers to the idea of sensuality and provocation which Ariana wants to transmit through her brand new album. Into You is so damn overwhelming and strong, empowered by Ari‘s perfect vocals. The final result is, trust me, a sure hit.

Enjoy Ariana getting deeper Into You.

Zedd & Ke$ha – True Colors

After reading so many posts and tweets from the most disparate popstars who decided to stand up for Ke$ha‘s legal battle, I could say that one of the bests is for sure top German DJ and producer Zedd who reached a worldwide fame thanks to multiple collaborations with many popstars ranging from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande.

In the Monday following the judgement that denied to Ke$ha to record out of the Sony (Kemosabe Records) and away from Dr. Luke, Zedd wrote a support tweet in which he expressed his desire to work with her when she would have been ready to restart her musical life.

“@KeshaRose I am very very sorry about the whole situation. I will be happy to produce a song for you, if you’ll ever want my help.”

The helping hand from Zedd sounded transparent to the whole Ke$ha‘s crew that decided to accept this kind offer, by making sure that the collabo would shake quite well the industry. And here we go: today Zedd and Ke$ha released the fruit of their work called True Colors.

True Colors, contrary to the expectations (I admit I was quite skeptical about it), is absolutely not banale! The base perfectly fits with the Ke$ha‘s voice, and in my humble opinion could be a good hit, also because of the media redundancy that Ke$ha gained over the past months. Ah, I love showbiz!

Enjoy True Colors!


Ariana Grande – Focus On Me

What a year this 2015 for Ariana Grande. Her comeback is finally reality. Largely aniticipated to her arianators through Twitter, Miss Grande finally released her first single Focus On Me of her new EP Moonlight.
Focus On Me sounds like the new next big hit of this 2015 fall. The song’s structure is exactly the same of Problem (excluding Iggy Azalea ofc), but hell if it rocks! The track has so much energy and it’s quite impossible to stand still. I’m even dancing while writing this post! Plus let’s talk about the MV! Drool…drool…drool. Guess this little chick really wants us to FOC-FOC-FOC on HER.

A little curiosity: for the Focus On Me shooting, Ary decided to dye her hair of paltinum blonde. Why Ary…why?!?! On Nova FM she reaveled: “Actually is not platinum blonde, but it’s actually white: super white indeed! Of course they are not my hair…it’s just a wig that I put on to look more like Lucious Malfoy“.

Speechless. Little Ary is a huge fan of Harry Potter‘s saga and that’s why she decided to make a tribute for the movie she loves so much. Believe it or not Ariana Grande has a nerdy side ladies and gentlemen.

Enjoy Focus On Me and let’s give her the FOC-FOC-FOCUS she deserves. Enjoy