BlackPink – Boombayah

It’s not a secret that South Korea is one of the most innovative countries, both technologically and musically speaking. K-pop gained so much attention over the years thanks to big performers like PSY, 2NE1, Big Bang, Girls Generation and many many others. In Korea, being an artist, is not only a business that can randomly happen by being noticed a club when you sing karaoke and a producer is there and drinks his beer. Not at all. In Korea, becoming an artist is a long process that could take up to 7-8 years of training before the so coveted debut. And the Korean music labels fight so hard between them to discover the hugest potential around.

With no doubt, by far, YG Entertainment is the most influential label in Korea, creator of the world shocking cyclone PSY and girl group 2NE1. This time, after 7 years, YG announced the creation of a new girl group called BlackPink composed of Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie, four pretty girls coming from different countries worldwide. BlackPink debuted yesterday with the so much hyped single Boombayah, created by the music genius Teddy, father of Gangnam Style. And you know what? This song is gonna be huge.

In the first day on YouTube it reached more than 5 million views. Unbelievable. Boombayah is a perfect summer club hit, even if it is sang almost entirely in Korean, with some flashes of English. Whatever. Gangnam Style is the example that idiom is not a barrier in music (thanks God). Boombayah is a fast-tempo track with an addictive electro chorus with Arab sonorities, in which the four girls rap and sing I’d say quite good. Of course they still need practice. But if this is the beginning, then for sure we would expect so much from them.

Enjoy the brand new BlackPink and their hot Boombayah!


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