Beyonce – Hold Up

Our beloved R&B queen Beyoncé might not be as strong as she was in the early 2000s in releasing massive hits, but nevertheless the rest of music biz definitely has nothing to envy to Mrs. Knowles. The constancy in her albums’ sales is incredible and the success she is getting with her latest tour is truly unbelievable. This is thanks not only to a solid reputation that she has earned over the years, but also thanks to an unquestionable talent and to a record, Lemonade, that many liked definetely more than her previous self-titled album.

In this context it’s surely not strange that Beyoncé has extracted another single from Lemonade. This time the choice fell on Hold Up, created in collaboration with master Diplo. The song fuses three samples extracted from different songs (Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Can’t Get Used To Losing You by Andy Williams and Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy). The result is quite a strange song, a mix of soul and reggae sounds, a track with a Jamaican flavor that might turn into a good choice for this 2016 summer.

Hold Up is an ode about the love that binds Beyoncé to her husband Jay-Z, a physical and mental love that, however, has been put at serious risk because of the rapper’s betrayal and lies, who literally drove BK crazy that, despite everything, in the end, has forgiven him. These strong and crazy feelings are represented into the music video which cause quite a stir, since Bey commits many vandalism acts armed with a baseball bat.

She’s still angry, isn’t she? Enjoy the beautifully mad Beyoncé rocking it in Hold Up.


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