Katy Perry – Rise

Katy Perry is back on the scene with her brand new single Rise, which will be used as one of the promotional songs for the 2016 Rio Olympic games. With my surprise, Rise is a song characterized by a very calm atmosphere, not quite a ballad, but kind of a mid tempo that could also be interpreted as a confirmation of Katy‘s intentions to pursue a totally new era compared to the previous ones, at least musically speaking.

A slow production, relaxing but definitely not minimal is the base to Katy‘s voice, perfect for this kind of tracks, quite capable to transmit the energy and the determination which contained in the lyrics. Rise is a true motivational anthem in which Katy almost rises to the role of moral mother.

The result is overall a very good song, not trivial, but for sure diametrically opposite if compared to her Roar or Dark Horse masterpieces. We surely can’t expect big sales results from Rise. However this is a good exercise for Katy Perry to find her new way in the scene and evolve herself as the big artist she is. Enjoy Rise.


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