Norah Jones – Carry On

It should be finally time for the official return on the scenes of one of the most talented singers and songwriters that bloomed in the early 2000s, thanks to her unforgettable voice which granted her a well deserved global success. I am talking about Norah Jones ladies and gentlemen, one of the purest talent in the industry who gifted us with some rare pearls like Don’t Know Why and Sunrise.

Since the Come Away With Me times 13 years have already passed; 4 are the years that separate us instead from her latest Little Broken Hearts album. In today’s music scene made of so little substance and much more superficiality, Norah Jones absence was quite heavy, and that’s why I am so excited to write about her comeback.

Her latest effort is titled Carry On and will be the lead single of her next album, whose title is still top-secret. The only info we got is that it will arrive later this year via Blue Note and Capitol Records. As for the song, Carry On is an elegant jazzy downtempo, refined and suave in which Norah sings with her velvet voice, elegant as much as the base. The track really sounds from another era.

I just hope that the market will recognize to Norah the success she deserves, made of talent above image. Enjoy the amazing Carry On.


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