M.I.A. & Skrillex – Go Off

Two years after her last single, and three years after her last Matang album, the genius rapper M.I.A. has finally decided to release a new single, initially available only on Beatport. Most likely the song will be part of her forthcoming fifth album Matahdatah. But unfortunately for now, M.I.A. still hasn’t given any official release date, even though rumors say it will be likely released this summer.

Her last single is called Go Off and it perfectly fits with the style of the singer.The track, produced by his majesty Skrillex, is full of electronic sounds, wisely fused with hip hop rhythms and Indian tribal sonorities, that make this song really unique in its genre.  M.I.A.‘s voice, modified with the right dose of autotune, is perfect for the sound and the atmosphere that the song wants to give. I think I’m not exaggerating if I say that Go Off is one of the best M.I.A.‘s songs ever.

Definitely nobody expects this song to reach the top of the charts, even if it is such a pity. But what strikes me the most is that after years of music career, the Tamil rapper remains loyal to the quality of her sound and to her image. Enjoy the stunning Go Off!



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