June’s Diary – L.A.N.C.E.

Miss Kelly Rowland has succeeded, thanks to the Chasing Destiny reality show, to set up a new, strong, R&B girl group that could somehow become the new Destiny’s Child. Such a hard challenge. But at the end of the show, I have to admit, Kelly has chosen five really good girls, both vocally and stylistically speaking. The formation, composed by Brienna, Ashly, Kristal, Gabby, and Shyann, has finally unveiled the group’s name which is June’s Diary.

The 5 girls just signed a contract with LA Reid‘s EPIC records. A strange choice to me since now the label has to promote two very similar girl groups: June’s Diary, and LA‘s flagship product…Fifth Harmony! According to some rumors, the latter, is about to break up, despite the tremendous success of the Work From Home. But in the end this is a good news for the 5 Kelly‘s pupils. More focus on them.

June’s Diary surely can sing and have what it takes to find their spot in the international market, but the musical direction that they will take is crucial. That’s why their clear urban sound shall inevitably fuse with today’s pop trend. Anyway I trust Kelly‘s mentor abilities and I am sure that June’s Diary will match the great expectations that the market is putting on them. For now enjoy their first buzz single L.A.N.C.E.. A good track, nothing special but good enough to relish the potential of these five gorgeous girls.


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