Beyoncé – Sorry

While the sleeper hit Formation directly debuted at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, Beyoncé has already prepared her second bomb ready to explode from her last crazy album Lemonade. I do say it is crazy because the disc is so insanely beautiful, full of tracks played with live instruments. t would have been quite an obvious choice then to choose one of these as a second single that’s why our Honey Bey loves to amaze us and that’s why she opted for an insane urban track.

The track is titled Sorry and it’s a dramatic song about betrayal. And yes, if Mrs. Knowles has been betrayed I can only imagine what we all have been through. In the lyrics Bey refers to an imaginary (?) Jay-Z lover called by the nickname of Becky, but more in general Sorry is a song intended for those who have suffered betrayal, encouraging them to move forward in rebuilding their lives, not to ruin their happiness because of some jerk passing around. Amen Honey Bey.

From a purely stylistic terms Sorry is very far from the whole Lemonade mood, but in any case it is a very nice rhythmic urban track accompanied by the great R&B singing of lady Beyoncé which teams up also with Serena Williams in the video, who twerks like hell. Excellent. Enjoy Sorry.


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