Birdy – Words

The young British singer and songwriter Birdy is surely a talent. After the release of leading single Keeping Your Head Up and Wild Horses, it’s now the turn of Words, third single extracted from the wonderful album Beautiful Lies. It is really one of the album that everyone should have at home because is one of the most versatile ones musically speaking.

In fact, while the first singles sound very pop, Words is perfectly in line with the Birdy we all know, introspective, gloomy and melancholy. That’s for sure a very risky commercial choice for this 2016 summer which is finally showing itself.

Anyway, Words is a very simple but exquisite down tempo track. Deep in its simplicity Words valorizes the intensity of Birdy‘s voice, free from many musical constructions and modifications. Words is about love, painful love. And the video also shows this pain with cold atmospheres, winter colors, and places shrouded in smoke.

I agree with all the critics that, commercially speaking, say this track doesn’t fit to the typical summer and careless mood. But you know what? For once it’d be better to put money behind music and enjoy the talent of talented artist such as Birdy and her wonderful Words. Love it.



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