Leona Lewis – We Are All Looking For Home

Music talent shows created so many stars globally. But in my opinion the brightest, and also the humblest, of them is British singer Leona Lewis who won the UK X Factor edition back in 2006. Ten years have passed, but Leona never lost her romantic and socially involved personality.

Among all the charity initiatives, the one that is probably the most important for Leona is the prevention of dogs’ abuses round the world. In order to sustain even harder this cause and raise up funds, she teamed up with the prolific author Diane Warren and together they created the wonderful ballad We Are All Looking For Home.

I just have one word to describe the track. Wow. Leona‘s voice is so naturally beautiful and passionate, that you just can’t help but to fall in love with the song. Plus the cause for which this song has been written is so important. Think that the Daily Mail reported that China’s annual Yulin dog meat festival sees hundred of dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages and then sold to be skinned, boiled and then eaten. How can such a cruelty still exist in 2016?

Enjoy the wonderful hymn of Leona to protect our beautiful furry friends. Enjoy We Are Looking For Home.



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