MAGIC! – Red Dress

When summer hits the road, reggae makes hits the road as well. After Ariana Grande‘s reggae-ish style Side To Side, today it’s the turn of MAGIC!, who just released their new infectious single titled Red Dress, in which they’re as charming as ever.

The Canadian reggae fusion band, who shook the industry with their massive hit Rude in 2014, is so proud of their new Red Dress track which celebrates women of all shapes, colors and sizes. Indeed the track opens with the words, “What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it“.

Call me naive, but I love genuineness in all its shapes, especially in music. And I find that celebrating common women with all their flaws, but still shining in their everyday life, is the smartest move that MAGIC! did by releasing Red Dress. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and all the girls of the video reflect that.

Red Dress is the perfect relaxing summer song to hear, possibly on a sunny beach. MAGIC! reproduced the lucky Rude formula, and I think that it will work once again. Enjoy the thoughtless Red Dress.


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