Christina Aguilera – Change

Christina Aguilera’s comeback is finally reality! Four years have passed after the release of Lotus, and all Xtina’s fans were quite exhausted from all this waiting, claiming for the return of one of the music’s most talented divas that the industry has ever seen.

But despite all the expectations that would figured out a powerful and brave return of Christina with a smashing hit in perfect Ain’t No Other Man style, her new song, called Change, is on the contrary pure musical delicacy. Change is about equality and respect for the others. That’s why Christina dedicated the whole track to the memory of Orlando victims.

I am not really into emotional songs, but I have to admit that Change let me shed a tear. Christina’s voice is perfect for this type of poignant ballads and thanks to her amazing vocals, the song never teeters to the overly dramatic. Sincere, that is how I would describe the track.

Who you love or the color of your skin, or the place that you were born and grew up in, shouldn’t decide how you will be treated.” Enjoy Change in the beloved memory of all the victims of Orlando’s tragedy.


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