Justin Timberlake – Battle Of The SeXXXes

While Can’t Stop Feeling keeps on inflaming the international charts (and could easily turn into his most successfull song of all times), Justin Timberlake releases online a totally new track, a song that, by listening to its sound and lyrics, seems to have been created to be part of his 2006 masterpiece Future Sex/Love Sounds.

The song, in fact, is titled Battle Of The SeXXXes, a title that clearly evokes hot (so hot!) atmospheres…rated R everybody. In the track JT proposes the phenomenal mix between urban and electro that, thanks also to the help of his good friend Timbaland, made a mark in the mid 2000s. Even though the beat is chaotic and somehow confusing, and Justin‘s voice is quite often overwhelmed by a really heavy autotune, the rhythm is OH MY GOD…I can already see all of you dancing to it in some urban clubs.

In my opinion JT was perfect for this kind of sound. Don’t get me wrong anyway. The new pop-ish Justin is good as well, but nothing could compare that period when the star triangle of JT, Nelly Furtado and Timbaland revolutionized the concept of R&B. Enjoy the hot Battle Of The SeXXXes.


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