Parker Ighile – Remember Me feat. Nicki Minaj

Even though our beloved Nicki Minaj is not promoting any album or new musical release of her property, there is a field in which the rapper never rest and it is the collaboration with other artist. Basically the war of featuring is fought between lady Nicki and Mr. Chris Brown who literally appears in every new R&B or Hip Hop songs. But despite the competition, Nicki keeps up the pace featuring mainly on Urban and Pop tracks.

This time Nicki decided to duet with Parker Ighile in the very fresh Remember Me. Even though the track is rhythmically simple, it is also catchy and does not stray too much from the R&B world (in its most commercial meanings), resulting soon in a mix of many tools and effects enriched with a tropical vein.

Parker shows a beautiful timbre, absolutely perfect for this kind of sound, and I really would like to listen soon to new material from him… I think this guy has what it takes to find a spot of his own in the industry. As for Nicki, here she actually acts more as a singer than a rapper, still offering a good performance. Ultimately Remember Me is the typical good song that could fly up high if well promoted, or could sink in the deepest ocean of unmarketed songs. For now enjoy the estival Remember Me.


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