Usher – Crash

Inside the story of each artist, suffering for love is a common theme and, sad but true, though painful it’s like manna for their musical activity. A guy who is still suffering for love, and is trying to leverage on this feeling, it’s the king of R&B Usher who is planning a comeback in great style. Only few hours after the disclosure of his new urban track No Limit in collaboration with Young Thug, Usher announces another single, titled Crash.

The title sums up the current feelings of Usher. The lyrics are full of pain and it’s clear that the singer is still thinking about his ex girlfriend Tameka. But despite the suffering, Crash is a very cool and soft R&B song with clear pop vibes, which can be really appreciated by the mainstream public. However, even though we all know nowadays music is (unfortunately) pure business, I can feel in this new Usher‘s track a vein of artistic and emotional honesty.

Obviously we are still far from the glories of Confessions, but I really hope that with this mature comeback, king Usher could finally bring back R&B to its original greatness, because is facing too many drifts towards commercial music genres. For now enjoy the wonderful voice of Usher in Crash.



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