Blink 182 – Rabbit Hole

Among the many comebacks of this period, a special mention goes to one of the punk rock band that I’ve grown up with. I am talking about the 90s stars Blink 182 y’all, who were truly idols for all us children back in the days of punk resurrection. Just like their colleagues Green Day and Linkin Park, also Blink 182 kept a good success later on, but it seems that the splendor days of What’s My Age Again or Adam’s Song is a very far memory.

However, the three boys continued to release new music and now we are waiting for their last effort called California, to be released next July the 1st. The album is anticipated by their new promotional single titled Rabbit Hole. The song, released today, is a rock uptempo in perfect Blink 182 style, sustained with a heavy use of electric guitars, drums and snare drums.

In Rabbit Hole the guys are powerful and energetic, just like we were used to hear from them some years ago. But something is not working for me. I think the maturity of punk rock groups like Blink 182 unfortunately damages the very essence of punk itself: reckless rebellion. But despite this feeling of unnatural riot, Rabbit Hole is still a good track, perfect to energetically start the day. Enjoy it!



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