Yuna – Lanes

Class is a gift and cannot be bought. You have it, or not, no middle way. Malaysian songstress Yuna is pure class and elegance, and with her talent she keeps on targeting the international, but especially the American, audience, but without altering her style. Her latest effort is titled Lanes, a delicate and penetrating soulful downtempo, a perfect slow jam which only speeds up a little with the approach of the chorus in a blaze of synth and strings.

Yuna‘s voice is simply magnificent, her timbre is crystal clear, but communicative as well, and manages to put on a track really worthy of the best praises. The track’s structure, despite its depth, is simple and it easily imprints in our minds, and that’s why it might even be able to find a spot in the charts.

In Lanes video, Yuna fights with her partner, starting from the moment in which the two break up and, going backwards, finishing to the moment in which she discovers the cheating. Was it really worth it to lose such a great voice, boy? I don’t think so. Enjoy the wonderful Yuna suffering for love in the perfect Lanes.



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