Kylie Minogue – Voodoo

Why do I love summer? Holidays? Nice weather? Nah. I love summer ’cause it usually is the period of the year with the highest number of leaked new songs on line. Today it’s the turn of a new track from our beloved Aussie queen Kylie Minogue.

The diva is setting the web on fire because only yesterday, on Soundcloud, someone published this previously unreleased track called Voodoo. It is quite obvious that such great singers, just like Kylie, have plenty of unreleased songs lying in wait. But it usually happens that those songs are quite dull and annoying. On the contrary Voodoo is a good blend of pop and EDM in a perfect feisty and energetic Kylie style.

A well made and engaging production in which Kylie, with her sweet but sexy voice, packs up an easy listening but cool track. IMO there are several points that could have been improved especially in the base, but overall Voodoo is cool and very listenable. Is Voodoo an anticipation of Kylie‘s comeback? If yes, I really can’t wait for it. For now enjoy the fancy Voodoo!


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