Sigma & Take That – Cry

Although the current numbers are not even close to those of the past, the historic band (or at least what it remains) Take That continue to work on new music. This time, the famous British ex-boy band joins forces with the duo of producers Sigma in Cry, a drum’n’bass track that shines thanks to the combination of penetrant and quite powerful verses, in good company with violins and a solemn piano that lead the way straight to a relentless chorus in perfect drumm’n’bass style.

Even though we are surely not in front of the next #1 British song, Cry is a good track anyway. The vocal performances of Gary, Mark and Howard are ok, and sound quite good for this powerful drum’n’bass base in perfect Sigma style. A really powerful track, which I believe will find its spot in the charts, at least in the UK.

As for the video, the clip focuses on a spectacular car race, an ever green setting that won’t ever lose its charm in the music entertainment industry. We’ll see if the Take That will have their new hit. For now enjoy Cry.


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