Desiigner – Panda

Sidney Selby III, a.k.a. Desiigner, launched a real bomb, that is exploding in all the international music charts, especially in U.S.A. His latest single Panda was able, in fact, to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 dethroning queen Rihanna after 9 weeks at the top with Work.

However, especially in this time of the year, the musical competition is so ruthless that is important not to waste a minute, but to engage hard with the promotion. That’s what Desiigner did with his urban powerful uptempo track by releasing its video clip first on Tidal and then on his Vevo channel.

The clip, produced by Kanye West, contains also several scenes in which Mr. Kardashian appears, for example the one in which he drives an expensive sport car next to Desiigner. Nothing innovative by the way: Panda is a common video about the same old story made of sex, drugs and delinquency in the suburbs of another American city.  Even though the video doesn’t sparkle itself, I definitely love this strong Panda track and I bet you guys will love it as well.

Enjoy the powerful Panda and the incredible talent of Desiigner!


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