Ellie Goulding – Kingdom

There’s no doubt that in order to be a star, a perfect image is necessary. But sometimes it happens that what counts the most is talent, is voice. This is the case of one of my favourite artist ever: the British girl Ellie Goulding. I’m not saying that Ellie hasn’t style! On the contrary, she’s a fashion icon already and is well known for her style. But, and that’s for sure, her voice is even better.

After the huge success of Halcyion (truly one of my favourite album ever) and the weaker Delirium, Ellie is finally back with a new track titled Kingdom. The song is a synthpop down tempo with a very variable sound that waves from very delicate and fairy notes to the more insistent chorus. Ellie‘s voice perfectly sews upon the base, giving us a very magical atmospheres.

To be totally honest I like the track, but I would have changed a bit the chorus, trying to recreate more sacred atmospheres, which Halcyon was full of. The track overall is good, but we are still far from the level of Figure 8 or Only You.

Keep on working Ellie. I know you can do better! Enjoy Ellie Goulding ruling over her Kingdom!


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