Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful

Among the new names of music biz which will definitely be the new generation of pop stars, a special mention goes to Alessia Cara. Canadian with Italian roots, this girl accessed to a planetary success and visibility thanks to the massive hit Here, which ranked in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Wow.

Despite her unbelievable talent, Alessia‘s album Know-It-All still suffers of low sales, with an undeniable success in Canada, but facing a hard time in the US. I personally believe that this girl deserves a lot more because of her excellent interpretive skills that kinda remind me of a very young Sinead O’Connor. That’s why, in order to revitalize the sales of Know-It-All, Alessia Cara released a third single, called Scars To Your Beautiful.

The song is a wonderful motivational anthem. As for the sounds, the track is a very evocative mid tempo, with verses getting richer and richer over electronic effects that then explode in a stunning chorus.

Scars To Your Beautiful has truly what it takes to repeat the success of Here. Let’s see what this girl can do. Enjoy the amazing Scars To Your Beautiful.



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