Fergie – Hungry

We almost made it. The return of the Dutchess Fergie is soooo damn close and I literally can’t wait any longer! It’s been two years now since the Black Eyed Peas lady released L.A. Love and then she totally disappeared from the international music scene. But it seems that now the wait is finally over!

Yesterday, on her Facebook fan page, Fergie Ferg released a 1 minute video teaser of what it seems will be her comeback track. Only “3…2…1” has been put for comment, sign that the official comeback can happen any time soon. Many rumors say that this teaser is actually an extract of her next buzz single that should be titled Hungry.

Oh my! Hungry is hot as hell with Fergie coming back on the scene as a rapper, and not as a melodic singer. The style is totally different from what we were used to from her. Less glamour, and more matter. Despite the very electronic base, what strikes me the most is a sort of tribal chorus that repeats in the background all over the song, by arousing spectral and eerie atmosphere. Plus the totally black and white psychedelic video reinforce this very obscure sound.

I am so Hungry for Fergie‘s return, and you? Enjoy!


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