Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Dance Off

I always knew that Macklemore was kind of a weird and crazy guy, and also a pure genius of course, but I never thought he could push himself, and the other crazy producer guy Ryan Lewis, this far. In order to keep on promoting their album The Unruly Mess I’ve Made, the two artists have decided to use Dance Off as an unorthodox promotional single.

Dance Off opens with the actor Idris Elba who welcomes the listeners to the track, but with a very dark and eerie voice. Then the sound begins and it seemed I was literally threw back into the musical complexity of the 80s. A horror movie that suddenly turns into a very fancy club song perfectly stitched on the extraordinary rap of Macklemore.

Dance Off reveals Macklemore‘s dreams to challenge in a dance battle his enemies and also the music video itself, trashy like hell, is totally made of crazy guys challenging each other into absurd and brilliant at the same time dance battles. Wow. If at first sight the track, and the video also, could seem too much ridiculous to be true, trust me…listen to it once again and you’re gonna love this song!

Damn!! Enjoy Dance Off!!


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