Coldplay – Up&Up

Writing songs of intellectual thickness seems to be always more difficult in the contemporary music scenario. Pathetic little boys acting like experienced men and undressed little girls acting like hoes. It seems that quality is somehow becoming more and more rare to find, lyrically speaking. But when a good song comes to life, it’s like magic. And if we talk about Magic, then we’re talking about the great Coldplay.

Chris Martin and Co. just released their third single from the album A Head Full Of Dreams. After the great success of Adventures Of A Lifetime and Hymn Of The Weekend powered by Beyoncé‘s magical touch, it’s now the turn of the amazing Up&Up.

The song is a very intense and majestic pop power ballad, that directly takes me back to the sounds of 90s holy monsters such as Train, U2 or Oasis (by the way Mr. Noel Gallagher offered his riff for the track’s bridge). Up&Up invites the listener to optimism and confidence, as a result of personal hard choices and inner questions. Such an inspiring message in times when shadows can easily take over the light. Love this song!

Enjoy the greatest Coldplay, going Up&Up!



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