Tiffany – I Just Wanna Dance

Oppa Gangnam Style! Watch out everybody, South Korean music is getting bigger and stronger worldwide every single day. After the hurricane PSY, and the start of 2NE1‘s CL solo career, it’s now the turn of the wonderful Tiffany of K-Pop idol band Girls Generation.

Despite the song is sang half in Korean and half in English, I Just Wanna Dance has been chosen by SMtown (major Korean label) as the lead single of Tiffany for the US market. The track is a delicious pop track with a cool rhythm that kinda reminds me of the 80s summer hits. What strikes me the most is the beautiful and very versatile voice of gorgeous Tiffany, able to range from low notes to a very high falsetto, that keeps the song always sunny and rhythmed.

In the end I Just Wanna Dance is a very danceable and totally happy song, rich in colors thanks to the full-bodied and very recognizable timbre of Tiffany. Not the best song ever, of course, but definetely a very carefree song. We hope this could be a good auspice to start well this 2016 summer .

I wish to Tiffany the same worlwide success of pop monster PSY. Meanwhile enjoy I Just Wanna Dance!



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