Nick Jonas – Chainsaw

I must admit it. Among the three Jonas, Nick was the only one that I never liked. Don’t ask me why… It’s just a feeling. And I can confirm that after the single Close made in duet with Tove Lo, my personal interest for the littlest of the Jonas hasn’t grown at all. I guess my problem with this guy is about the image that his label keeps on promoting. Perfect body, good voice and a plethora of girls craving for him. A modern Backstreet Boy I would say. Wake up Nick Jonas, the 90s have finished for quite some time!

But since I am getting older, it means also that I have to reassess my personal judgement. And I just found out that my hate for this guy was totally unjustified. When I first heard his latest Chainsaw song, something made me change my mind. Maybe is the fact that a guy like Nick Jonas may be left by his lover exactly like us mortals? Believe it or not, I love this song.

Chainsaw is a gorgeous downtempo power ballad in which Nick Jonas reveals all the beauty of his interpretive skills. A good performance for the smallest Jonas, who could reach good numbers with this track.

For all the broken hearts out there! You are not alone…Nick Jonas is here with you! Enjoy Chainsaw.


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