MØ – Final Song

New song for the Lean On hitmaker! just released Final Song, the second single from her upcoming album. I hope this song could really obscure the poor results of first single Kamikaze. One things is for sure: just can’t get enough of dancehall. But contrarily to her previous track, with Final Song she reaches a high quality level musically speaking.

The track is truly ambivalent: strong but relaxing at the same time, able to harmonically create positive feelings despite the colliding rhythms. Also vocally, does an excellent job, stitching a perfect interpretation for this track, by showing off a softer voice, less croaking than the one we are used to. I love in Final Song: I just can’t get her childish chorus out of my mind.

As in many cases, shows the best part of her only after the great success reached with Major Lazer. I truly hope that this track could achieve the same numbers obtained by Lean On, although in fact it seems almost impossible.

Enjoy the beautiful  in Final Song!


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