One Republic – Wherever I Go

Although in this period many are the stars who have announced their comeback (and they’re uselessly acting like divas), it would seem that the return that will make more news is actually the least expected. I am talking about One Republic y’all!

It was the same Ryan Tedder, frontman of the band, to announce that the group is ready to return on the scene anytime soon with some great new material! On One Republic’s official website, Ryan wrote a mail to thank all the fans for their support (as every good star usually does) and revealed that during their last 2014 worldwide tour they absorbed so much inspiration from all the places they visited, that for them it was natural producing some new music. I personally love what Ryan Tedder wrote in his mail: necessity is the mother of invention. And if a band feels the need to write new music on the road, then the result will be surely passionate.

The first single of their forthcoming album is titled Wherever I Go. I’m in love with this song. It reveals a powerful mid-tempo disco rhythm able to shed light on Ryan Tedder’s beautiful voice, from the lowest notes to his incredible falsetto chorus. The result is stunning and even though it is not comparable with the Counting Stars masterpiece, I bet it will work so well as One Republic’s comeback anthem.

Enjoy Wherever I Go!


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