Jason Derulo – If It Ain’t Love

Being a hit maker of course ensures great visibility and notoriety to an artist, but to get a very strong success only with singles (unfortunately I would say) does not ensure a solid foundation for a career, and the risk is to collapse very easily. This is exactly what is facing Jason Derulo lately.

Amazing dancer and good singer, Jason has dominated the R&B charts for years with hits like Talk Dirty or Wiggle. However, for the promotion of his fourth album Everything is 4, something has changed. For the first time, the good success of the lead single Want To Want Me has completely obscured the following songs, forcing Derulo to find solutions and to jump on a new musical genre for him: urban. Big mistake Jason!

Because of the bad critics for his urban experiment with the single Naked, Derulo decided to go back to his R&B and dance origins: the result is the brand new track titled If It Ain’t Love. The song is freaking catchy, gritty and totally danceable. This is not his best song ever, it’s clear, but it is a good way to catch again credibility by his fans and to remedy his urban mistakes. Even though the track is not so strong for the American market, I think If It Ain’t Love has good chances to get a good summer success in the European dance scene.

Apart from the sales of this new track, I’m happy that Jason is back to his roots.

Enjoy If It Ain’t Love!


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