P!nk – Just Like Fire

Oh yes! Great news guys! After an endless wait, finally the great Pink is back on the scene. And the stage for her comeback is one of the most prestigious in the biz. The pop-rock diva in fact has been chosen to sing the main theme of Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 2 soundtrack. After Avril Lavigne, elected to sing the theme of the first chapter of Alice‘s saga, this time the Disney’s producers decided to aim even higher by calling the one and only Pink.

The song is titled Just Like Fire, and I simply love it. The track is a beautiful midtempo with a strong evocative sound in which Pink sings with depth and energy, managing to pack a very catchy track, empowered by her great vocal performance.

I really think that this could be a huge hit. Plus if it’s an appetizer of Pink’s new era, we should expect a lot from her official comeback. Maybe a return on some rapping verses? In fact in Just Like Fire the singer gets back to a rapping bridge (last time was on Fucking Perfect) and fuses it with an immense vocal performance, ranging from low notes to ear-splitting highs.

Enjoy the strong and colorful Just Like Fire!


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