Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama

After months and months of exhausting waiting, all the Jennifer Lopez fans can finally uncork the champagne! Almost two years after the release of her latest A.K.A. album, the singer, actress and dancer is back with a new single titled Ain’t Your Mama. The track is a powerful pop’n’b up tempo with a Latin rhythm, overwhelming and very danceable in the perfect JLO style.

The song doesn’t shine of variety, but I must admit that JLO offers a dynamic vocal performance, engaging, perfect for a track that certainly won’t make you stand still. The Latin diva shows her good voice, especially in the background vocals, and the result is a gritty track that perhaps could really please everyone.

In the video released on Friday, there is a super energetic JLO who plays many roles simultaneously: that of a journalist who gives birth to a feminist polemic, and that of many women subdued by men. We have the perfect housewife, the abused secretary, the not respected worker and the entrepreneur crushed by male colleagues. All of them rebel against this situation. The video ends with a mega choreography carried out by the real Jenny, merging all the characters played.

The clip is surely good, nothing else to add. Well maybe only one thing…the ass of Jenny, at the age of 46, still looks terrific!

Enjoy JLO who’s definetely not our mama!


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