Fifth Harmony – Write On Me

Fifth Harmony are back…once again I’d say. While getting a big fat success with their lucky Work From Home, the American girl band is about to release on May 27 their 7/27 second album, published under Syco and Epic. From this EP, Fifth Harmony already drew a promotional single, The Life, a track that, despite all the critics, I personally like even though Camilla still conquers too much space shadowing the other equally talented members.

But with new single Write On Me, what we were used to completely changes. After so many tracks where the little worthy Camilla had most of the space and the real talent of the group Lauren was completely (or nearly) silenced, in the midtempo track Write On Me the situation seems to be more balanced. The beautiful voices of all the 5 girls are a bit more fairly spread, creating what the group is originally meant to do: amazing harmonies.

Write On Me is an extremely interesting song. Simply because the rhythm is calm, relaxing and consistently different from the jungle of hysterical dance pop songs with inflated and repetitive rhythms out there. To me, Write On Me is maybe the best example of Fifth Harmony as a professional group more than a bunch of spoiled little girls playing the divas’ role.

Enjoy the A+ Write On Me.



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