50 Cent – I’m The Man feat. Chris Brown

The days when 50 Cent made sparks in the worldwide charts with his anthem In Da Club are unfortunately gone. From that distant 2003 many years of success have passed, but also years of legal problems. In 2015, in fact, 50 has declared bankruptcy, because of his unbelievable lifestyle and compensation linked to very aggressive feuds, such the one with Rick Ross.

After the lukewarm response from his last 2014 Animal Ambition album, last December, after continuous and annoying delays, 50 Cent has released the much-heralded The Kanan Tape project which, however, passed almost unnoticed.

To try to revive the fortunes of the mixtape earlier this year 50 Cent has released a short film of ten minutes of his single I’m The Man. Despite the excellent production, the song has failed to draw attention even on the urban front, wrecking in absolute silence the return of 50 Cent. But once again here it is Mr. Chris “Golden Hands” Brown to resurrect an already dead song.

The I’m The Man remix seems definetely cooler from the regular version and is accompanied by a classic urban video made of money, villas, boobs and asses all around. The song confirms the sure talent of 50 Cent, and it screams “Please let me get back to my old money” every second. But we are really far from the Candy Shop or P.I.M.P. times. Anyway, the video contains a very juicy surprise: the last minute is dedicated to a new track apparently called No Romeo, No Juliet once again empowered by Chris Brown‘s voice. I’ll sure keep an eye on this track.

For now enjoy I’m The Man video!



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