Alicia Keys – In Common

Only God knows how hard it must be to stay on top of the charts year after year. Especially if a singer wants to stay true to his original style, ethic and consistency. And that’s even more true in the R&B scene where give-and-take is the keyword for riding high.

New Yorker Alicia Keys is one of the few artists who maintain success by remaining true to herself. After several years of silence, and a below-the-expectations Girl On Fire, she’s coming back with a new album. Once again she demonstrates to everyone what she’s made of. Class, elegance and sophistication. With In Common, Keys gives us the very first glimpse of the new chapter of her career. The song produced by Canadian Illangelo, which has already forged hits for The Weeknd and Drake.

The track is a mid-tempo where Alicia‘s voice becomes much less recognizable than in the past by maintaining anyway a sensual and new-age flavor, enriched by a smooth Caribbean taste. The track is really something experimental with respect to her past powerful canons.

In Common will not be a #1 song, especially in times when lady Beyonce needs to spit out all the possible shit out to a faithless Jay-Z. But I believe that this is the right way for Alicia to come back to the glories (and the sales) of the past.

Enjoy the amazing In Common.


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