DNCE – Toothbrush

Toothbrush is the title of DNCE new single, a song that will come into the scene once the mind wrecking hit Cake By the Ocean will start declining…and I really hope it will decline soon cause I truly hear this damn song every blessed day on the radio or TV commercials lately. So please I beg you to stop it!

Anyway it is truly amazing what’s happening to DNCE these days. The band led by Joe Jonas was really the last possible bet for the artist after the failure of his solo album. We all know that the showbiz is a heartless bitch and it almost never gives concrete second chances to remain afloat, but apparently this time the bet seems to have paid off.

Toothbrush will be one of the track of DNCE‘s forthcoming EP calles Swaay. The song is so into Maroon 5 style, from the beginning to the very end. But despite the ups and downs of the song (not so funky to be danced, not so slow to stand still) it has a certain personality and it’s not boring at all. Plus congrats to Joe Jonas’ falsetto, who plays with great elegance this funky-pop track.

The official video will be released in the next weeks, but there’s a lyric version already available…and it is soooo lesbian! Enjoy the two girls and their Toothbrush!


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