Gwen Stefani – Misery

I think I should thank God, Buddha or whoever for growing up with California rock and ska music, to me the best kind of music of all times. In the 90s punk and ska were brought to success in the US music industry also thanks to one of my favourite band of all times: No Doubt. Since the times of Just A Girl and Don’t Speak, the 4 guys from Anaheim have come a long way, and especially Gwen Stefani has become one of the most successful singers and business women worldwide.

After the planetary success of L.A.M.B and The Sweet Escape, Gwen is struggling a bit to turn her third album This Is What The Truth Feels Like as a bomb just like the former two. After releasing the buzz single Make Me Like You (I’d say a very easy but decent track), Gwen choses Misery as the lead single to promote TIWTTFL. And I can say this is a very wise choice that only an experienced fox like Gwen could make.

Written by Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter (authors of Bieber’s Sorry), Misery is a mid tempo song that draws inspiration straight from the 80’s music, seasoned with a touch of glamour of which Gwen is the emblem. Moreover her voice rises from the low register of the verses to the high notes of the chorus. Perfect!

I really think Misery has what it takes to become Gwen‘s next big hit and that could put our Hollaback Girl again at the center of the industry’s spotlight. Enjoy the full video of Misery!


Desiigner – Panda

Sidney Selby III, a.k.a. Desiigner, launched a real bomb, that is exploding in all the international music charts, especially in U.S.A. His latest single Panda was able, in fact, to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 dethroning queen Rihanna after 9 weeks at the top with Work.

However, especially in this time of the year, the musical competition is so ruthless that is important not to waste a minute, but to engage hard with the promotion. That’s what Desiigner did with his urban powerful uptempo track by releasing its video clip first on Tidal and then on his Vevo channel.

The clip, produced by Kanye West, contains also several scenes in which Mr. Kardashian appears, for example the one in which he drives an expensive sport car next to Desiigner. Nothing innovative by the way: Panda is a common video about the same old story made of sex, drugs and delinquency in the suburbs of another American city.  Even though the video doesn’t sparkle itself, I definitely love this strong Panda track and I bet you guys will love it as well.

Enjoy the powerful Panda and the incredible talent of Desiigner!

Clean Bandit – Tears feat. Louisa Johnson

Probably all of you will remember of Clean Bandit, the band who gained a planetary success with the massive hit Rather Be. I can remember that this song was literally almost everywhere…radios, TV, commercials… and it was also the springboard for the career of Jess Glynne who featured it.

This time, for their comeback, Clean Bandit choose another girl as the lead singer of their new song: Louisa Johnson, the young winner of the last edition of X Factor UK. Tears is the title of this brand new track and probably will be used also as the lead single to promote their second album. It is a fantastic synthpop production which starts quite slow mainly because of the theme it is about: breakup everybody! But all of a sudden, from the middle of the first verse, it explodes in a perfect rhythmic chorus, with a great crescendo of Louisa, who seems to shout “F**k You” to her ex…this is how you do it girl! Great!

I personally love Tears for two reasons basically. First of all the structure of the song is quite similar to Rather Be, which I’ve adored and sang out for months. Secondly I really needed another song that could have helped me to get my ex out of my mind. And I found it. So just like the wonderful Louisa Johnson sings, I say “I’ll get over you”!

Tears surely will turn out as yet another massive hit from Clean Bandit and will launch Louisa Johnson in the skies of showbiz. Enjoy it!

Ellie Goulding – Kingdom

There’s no doubt that in order to be a star, a perfect image is necessary. But sometimes it happens that what counts the most is talent, is voice. This is the case of one of my favourite artist ever: the British girl Ellie Goulding. I’m not saying that Ellie hasn’t style! On the contrary, she’s a fashion icon already and is well known for her style. But, and that’s for sure, her voice is even better.

After the huge success of Halcyion (truly one of my favourite album ever) and the weaker Delirium, Ellie is finally back with a new track titled Kingdom. The song is a synthpop down tempo with a very variable sound that waves from very delicate and fairy notes to the more insistent chorus. Ellie‘s voice perfectly sews upon the base, giving us a very magical atmospheres.

To be totally honest I like the track, but I would have changed a bit the chorus, trying to recreate more sacred atmospheres, which Halcyon was full of. The track overall is good, but we are still far from the level of Figure 8 or Only You.

Keep on working Ellie. I know you can do better! Enjoy Ellie Goulding ruling over her Kingdom!

Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful

Among the new names of music biz which will definitely be the new generation of pop stars, a special mention goes to Alessia Cara. Canadian with Italian roots, this girl accessed to a planetary success and visibility thanks to the massive hit Here, which ranked in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Wow.

Despite her unbelievable talent, Alessia‘s album Know-It-All still suffers of low sales, with an undeniable success in Canada, but facing a hard time in the US. I personally believe that this girl deserves a lot more because of her excellent interpretive skills that kinda remind me of a very young Sinead O’Connor. That’s why, in order to revitalize the sales of Know-It-All, Alessia Cara released a third single, called Scars To Your Beautiful.

The song is a wonderful motivational anthem. As for the sounds, the track is a very evocative mid tempo, with verses getting richer and richer over electronic effects that then explode in a stunning chorus.

Scars To Your Beautiful has truly what it takes to repeat the success of Here. Let’s see what this girl can do. Enjoy the amazing Scars To Your Beautiful.


Pitbull – Superstar feat. Becky G

Summer is coming and I can’t fuc**ng wait for it to start. And punctual as a Swiss clock, new potential summer hits peep out in the scene. I really think that this 2016 will crown the king of dancehall Pitbull, as emperor of this summer. Mr Worldwide and producer Dr. Luke joined forces to create the new anthem of 2016 Copa America. And to give an explosive twist to the song, they recruited the talented Becky G. The result is the powerful Superstar.

Superstar is a 100% party uptempo track: infectious, addictive, a pure energy blow that won’t keep you firm, I promise. As we are all used to, Pitbull‘s rap bravely rides the beat while the underestimated latina diva Becky G gives birth to the best and most infectious song after Lean On by Major Lazer, imo.

A confirmation for Pitbull, a great opportunity for Becky G who is still waiting for the release of her first official album. I truly wish her all the luck!

Meanwhile shake your ass with the infectious Superstar! Enjoy!

Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

There’s no doubt that Adele is the incarnation of musical perfection: she knows how to sing, she knows how to please her fans and, unfortunately most important, she knows how to sell. Despite the 25 album sales are consistently lower if compared to her masterpiece studio album 21, for sure the former will be confirmed as the most sold EP of 2016. In order to keep sales at a good level, Adele‘s label, XL Records, has decided to launch a third single. After the exponential success of Hello and the undertone When We Were Young, now it’s the turn of Send My Love (To Your New Lover).

As many other music bloggers wrote, the influence of Taylor Swift‘s Red is easily perceptible in the track. And I have to agree with them. But anyway, the result is a great song. For the first time after quite a bit we hear a totally different Adele. The country-pop style perfectly suits to the Hello singer, who can actually sing also a phone book. The result is a very addictive and dynamic mid tempo song that has everything it takes to be loved by the radios: a danceable and mind wrecking chorus, ironic and easy lyrics and a stunning rhythm.

Send My Love is a perfect springtime song. Fresh new air, new loves and lovers (bye bye to all the exs out there) and everything it takes to live a great summer. Plus the flowery Adele dancing in the music video is nothing but pure joy.

Enjoy the brand new Adele in Send My Love (To Your New Lover)!

Fergie – Hungry

We almost made it. The return of the Dutchess Fergie is soooo damn close and I literally can’t wait any longer! It’s been two years now since the Black Eyed Peas lady released L.A. Love and then she totally disappeared from the international music scene. But it seems that now the wait is finally over!

Yesterday, on her Facebook fan page, Fergie Ferg released a 1 minute video teaser of what it seems will be her comeback track. Only “3…2…1” has been put for comment, sign that the official comeback can happen any time soon. Many rumors say that this teaser is actually an extract of her next buzz single that should be titled Hungry.

Oh my! Hungry is hot as hell with Fergie coming back on the scene as a rapper, and not as a melodic singer. The style is totally different from what we were used to from her. Less glamour, and more matter. Despite the very electronic base, what strikes me the most is a sort of tribal chorus that repeats in the background all over the song, by arousing spectral and eerie atmosphere. Plus the totally black and white psychedelic video reinforce this very obscure sound.

I am so Hungry for Fergie‘s return, and you? Enjoy!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Dance Off

I always knew that Macklemore was kind of a weird and crazy guy, and also a pure genius of course, but I never thought he could push himself, and the other crazy producer guy Ryan Lewis, this far. In order to keep on promoting their album The Unruly Mess I’ve Made, the two artists have decided to use Dance Off as an unorthodox promotional single.

Dance Off opens with the actor Idris Elba who welcomes the listeners to the track, but with a very dark and eerie voice. Then the sound begins and it seemed I was literally threw back into the musical complexity of the 80s. A horror movie that suddenly turns into a very fancy club song perfectly stitched on the extraordinary rap of Macklemore.

Dance Off reveals Macklemore‘s dreams to challenge in a dance battle his enemies and also the music video itself, trashy like hell, is totally made of crazy guys challenging each other into absurd and brilliant at the same time dance battles. Wow. If at first sight the track, and the video also, could seem too much ridiculous to be true, trust me…listen to it once again and you’re gonna love this song!

Damn!! Enjoy Dance Off!!

Tegan and Sara – Stop Desire

Among all the indie pop singers, a special spot in my heart is reserved for Canadian Quin sisters, Tegan and Sara. The incredibly talented siblings are now ready to release their eighth album Love You To Death and, to inaugurate their come back, they exclusively granted to Apple Music the leading track of the forthcoming album.

The new song is the beautiful and relentless Stop Desire, a potential international huge hit. Despite the very electronic base, the track is never too much pounding, with the energetic voices of Tegan and Sara perfectly fusing with the base. And even though the airy track is about unrequited love, with Stop Desire the Quin sisters happily stitch upon the deceivingly upbeat pop melody.

Genius. Another huge hit for the sisterly duo who, in addition to being an idol for the LGBT community, keeps on receiving praises from the strictest music critics in the world.

Enjoy their amazing Stop Desire!

Tegan and Sara – Stop Desire