Zedd & Ke$ha – True Colors

After reading so many posts and tweets from the most disparate popstars who decided to stand up for Ke$ha‘s legal battle, I could say that one of the bests is for sure top German DJ and producer Zedd who reached a worldwide fame thanks to multiple collaborations with many popstars ranging from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande.

In the Monday following the judgement that denied to Ke$ha to record out of the Sony (Kemosabe Records) and away from Dr. Luke, Zedd wrote a support tweet in which he expressed his desire to work with her when she would have been ready to restart her musical life.

“@KeshaRose I am very very sorry about the whole situation. I will be happy to produce a song for you, if you’ll ever want my help.”

The helping hand from Zedd sounded transparent to the whole Ke$ha‘s crew that decided to accept this kind offer, by making sure that the collabo would shake quite well the industry. And here we go: today Zedd and Ke$ha released the fruit of their work called True Colors.

True Colors, contrary to the expectations (I admit I was quite skeptical about it), is absolutely not banale! The base perfectly fits with the Ke$ha‘s voice, and in my humble opinion could be a good hit, also because of the media redundancy that Ke$ha gained over the past months. Ah, I love showbiz!

Enjoy True Colors!



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