Florence + The Machine – Third Eye

It’s no secret that I simply love Florence Welch and her crew of imaginific artists, better known as The Machine. Simply, because they have vision to shape what’s still unshaped musically speaking, far beyond huge names like Bjork, Kate Bush or Nellee Hooper.

Their last effort is called How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. In this EP Florence and her mates recall the Ceremonials rhythms, with less dark and more cheerful sounds, that leave no room for imagination. All this is combined with the magnificent voice of Florence, who shows how powerful she is.

Third Eye is a typical example of Florence‘s royal style which brings us to the most cheerful and engaging atmospheres. The track starts immediately with a fun and inspiring rhythm, which slowly takes even more sprint with the addition of other instruments over the battery. The great voice of Florence helps to make this song one of the best of all their career to me: the melody turns to be intriguing, enthralling and happy thanks to the determination of the singer.

The lyrics show a reflection that Florence does about her state of mind, her life and her relationship. It is an exhortation not to lose heart, to always see the glass half full, to continue to live and to believe in the many possibilities of life.

Get inspired by the Third Eye. Enjoy!


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