Icona Pop – F U

Swedish duo Icona Pop sure doesn’t follow the rules of commercial music. The wonder hit makers of I Love It, finally release their last effort called F U. Guess what it means?!

Exactly. With this angry F U track, Caroline and Aino send to hell a man who would like to spend the night with them, just because he feels the master of the disco, and only because of his cash. Cha-Ching. But Icona Pop are two strong, independent women that don’t need this type of things in their lives. So after playing with him, they tell him “F. U !!”. A good example to follow fellas.

F U is a wise mix of Icona style Pop, garage rock and electro-innovative notes that sound so glam lately. The style is psychedelic but rousing at the same time, and aims to give birth to a new club hits trend which, however, is completely different from the others we were used to from these girls. F U is definitely not a masterpiece, but just like their wonder hit, I Love It.

Enjoy F U!


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