Little Mix – Hair feat. Sean Paul

Everyone knows that for girls the best way to get over an ex (besides chocolate, friends and a lot of alcohol) is by getting a fresh new haircut. That’s why Little Mix has released as their last single extracted from their forthcoming album Get Weird (out on Aug. 28 in the US) an anthem for this totally new start on life. After the huge success of their smash hit Black Magic, the four British girls chose indeed Hair as their follow-up song for the American market.

The track is a pressing up tempo with a powerful and infectious rhythm that will definitely conquer you from the very first listen. Of course we are not in front of any masterpiece. However, Hair is a funny and carefree song that will make you unleash and entertain with great simplicity. Plus Mr. Sean Paul reggaeton vocals won’t let you stop shaking your ass.

Featuring continous hand claps and a repeating line of Switch it up, Little Mix take on the freshly single hairdo in Hair and right off the bat it’s clear that this song is going to be a post-breakup anthem for ages. Little Mix are sassy and confident about their new style with lines such as, Cause he was just a dick and I knew it / Got me going mad sitting in this chair / Like I don’t care / Gotta get him out my hair.

Enjoy Little Mix‘s pajama party on Hair…go get him out of your hair girls!


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