Vera Blue – Settle

Vera Blue, a.k.a. Celia Pavey, is pure immaculate talent. No doubt about it. The 22 y.o. Aussie singer, ranked third in the 2013 edition of The Voice of Australia and since that day Pavey showed the world what she’s made of. Talent. Folk talent more precisely.

After a stunning performance of Simon and Garfunkel Scarborough Fair which introduced her to all the Australian public, Celia Pavey has published under her real name a 2013 EP called This Music which assured her a spot in top Oceania’s charts. However, in late 2015 Pavey decided to switch on a more dark side of folk with eerie sounds, which kinda reminds me of Ellie Goulding‘s Halcyone, by using the name of Vera Blue.

Settle is the perfect example of this new dark folk quality. And indeed it didn’t take long for this drowsy lullaby to find an international audience — peaking at number 5 on the US Spotify viral top 50 chart. Settle is dark and brooding, with a very organic vibe. Melancholy piano fuels the song together with delicate synths that add depth and texture to the whole track.

Keep an eye on this girl folks. Vera Blue will become really someone. Enjoy Settle.


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