Zedd & Ke$ha – True Colors

After reading so many posts and tweets from the most disparate popstars who decided to stand up for Ke$ha‘s legal battle, I could say that one of the bests is for sure top German DJ and producer Zedd who reached a worldwide fame thanks to multiple collaborations with many popstars ranging from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande.

In the Monday following the judgement that denied to Ke$ha to record out of the Sony (Kemosabe Records) and away from Dr. Luke, Zedd wrote a support tweet in which he expressed his desire to work with her when she would have been ready to restart her musical life.

“@KeshaRose I am very very sorry about the whole situation. I will be happy to produce a song for you, if you’ll ever want my help.”

The helping hand from Zedd sounded transparent to the whole Ke$ha‘s crew that decided to accept this kind offer, by making sure that the collabo would shake quite well the industry. And here we go: today Zedd and Ke$ha released the fruit of their work called True Colors.

True Colors, contrary to the expectations (I admit I was quite skeptical about it), is absolutely not banale! The base perfectly fits with the Ke$ha‘s voice, and in my humble opinion could be a good hit, also because of the media redundancy that Ke$ha gained over the past months. Ah, I love showbiz!

Enjoy True Colors!



Florence + The Machine – Third Eye

It’s no secret that I simply love Florence Welch and her crew of imaginific artists, better known as The Machine. Simply, because they have vision to shape what’s still unshaped musically speaking, far beyond huge names like Bjork, Kate Bush or Nellee Hooper.

Their last effort is called How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. In this EP Florence and her mates recall the Ceremonials rhythms, with less dark and more cheerful sounds, that leave no room for imagination. All this is combined with the magnificent voice of Florence, who shows how powerful she is.

Third Eye is a typical example of Florence‘s royal style which brings us to the most cheerful and engaging atmospheres. The track starts immediately with a fun and inspiring rhythm, which slowly takes even more sprint with the addition of other instruments over the battery. The great voice of Florence helps to make this song one of the best of all their career to me: the melody turns to be intriguing, enthralling and happy thanks to the determination of the singer.

The lyrics show a reflection that Florence does about her state of mind, her life and her relationship. It is an exhortation not to lose heart, to always see the glass half full, to continue to live and to believe in the many possibilities of life.

Get inspired by the Third Eye. Enjoy!

Pia Mia – Underneath

Remember Pia Mia who rocked out our 2015 summer with her Do It Again hit (enriched by Mr. golden hands Chris Brown) ? Well, she’s back. And more confident than ever.

It’s been more than one year since we heard rumors about her debut album, but still the Guam songstress hasn’t revealed any detail. Until today. Strong of a growing fame, thank also to a very cool collabo with Will.I.Am in Boys & Girls, Pia Mia has released what many of the music geeks around think will be the lead single of her forth coming album.

The track is called Underneath, a short pop’n’b jam with a very catchy and overwhelming rhythm, very similar to the sound of r&b princess Tinashe. Still don’t know if it is just a demo or a complete track. But I surely know that the strong sound of Underneath with a quite enjoyable vocal performance are definitely the right cards to play to put the spotlight on Pia as her very true first single.

Enjoy Pia Mia who’s 500 degrees Underneath her sheets!


Icona Pop – F U

Swedish duo Icona Pop sure doesn’t follow the rules of commercial music. The wonder hit makers of I Love It, finally release their last effort called F U. Guess what it means?!

Exactly. With this angry F U track, Caroline and Aino send to hell a man who would like to spend the night with them, just because he feels the master of the disco, and only because of his cash. Cha-Ching. But Icona Pop are two strong, independent women that don’t need this type of things in their lives. So after playing with him, they tell him “F. U !!”. A good example to follow fellas.

F U is a wise mix of Icona style Pop, garage rock and electro-innovative notes that sound so glam lately. The style is psychedelic but rousing at the same time, and aims to give birth to a new club hits trend which, however, is completely different from the others we were used to from these girls. F U is definitely not a masterpiece, but just like their wonder hit, I Love It.

Enjoy F U!

Little Mix – Hair feat. Sean Paul

Everyone knows that for girls the best way to get over an ex (besides chocolate, friends and a lot of alcohol) is by getting a fresh new haircut. That’s why Little Mix has released as their last single extracted from their forthcoming album Get Weird (out on Aug. 28 in the US) an anthem for this totally new start on life. After the huge success of their smash hit Black Magic, the four British girls chose indeed Hair as their follow-up song for the American market.

The track is a pressing up tempo with a powerful and infectious rhythm that will definitely conquer you from the very first listen. Of course we are not in front of any masterpiece. However, Hair is a funny and carefree song that will make you unleash and entertain with great simplicity. Plus Mr. Sean Paul reggaeton vocals won’t let you stop shaking your ass.

Featuring continous hand claps and a repeating line of Switch it up, Little Mix take on the freshly single hairdo in Hair and right off the bat it’s clear that this song is going to be a post-breakup anthem for ages. Little Mix are sassy and confident about their new style with lines such as, Cause he was just a dick and I knew it / Got me going mad sitting in this chair / Like I don’t care / Gotta get him out my hair.

Enjoy Little Mix‘s pajama party on Hair…go get him out of your hair girls!

Vera Blue – Settle

Vera Blue, a.k.a. Celia Pavey, is pure immaculate talent. No doubt about it. The 22 y.o. Aussie singer, ranked third in the 2013 edition of The Voice of Australia and since that day Pavey showed the world what she’s made of. Talent. Folk talent more precisely.

After a stunning performance of Simon and Garfunkel Scarborough Fair which introduced her to all the Australian public, Celia Pavey has published under her real name a 2013 EP called This Music which assured her a spot in top Oceania’s charts. However, in late 2015 Pavey decided to switch on a more dark side of folk with eerie sounds, which kinda reminds me of Ellie Goulding‘s Halcyone, by using the name of Vera Blue.

Settle is the perfect example of this new dark folk quality. And indeed it didn’t take long for this drowsy lullaby to find an international audience — peaking at number 5 on the US Spotify viral top 50 chart. Settle is dark and brooding, with a very organic vibe. Melancholy piano fuels the song together with delicate synths that add depth and texture to the whole track.

Keep an eye on this girl folks. Vera Blue will become really someone. Enjoy Settle.

Adam Levine – Go Now

If it’s true that Mr. Adam Levine fame level is now considered for some time as a personality of its own, it’s also true that the artist always seemed very loyal to the group of which he is leader of, Maroon 5. Of course, between The Voice and a very long list of featuring, his individuality has overtopped the band, even though in 14 years of career we never heard of a real solo single of his own. At least so far.

No worries ladies and gentlemen. Adam didn’t break up with the Maroon folks or is about to release a solo album. Quite simply for the first time in his career, he decided to take part into a movie project. The song, titled Go Now, is the leading OST of Sing Street, a comedy-drama directed by John Carney. The soundtrack has actually already been published last Friday, but only now the song has been confirmed also as a single, complete with a release of an official video clip.

Go Now is a downtempo with a very soft base which relies entirely on the interpretive skills of Adam, who always reaches amazing vocals on pop-rock basis of this kind. Shame that in their last EPs Maroon 5 songs like this were very few, but who knows…maybe in the next ones we will face a flashback to the She Will Be Loved times. But now, enjoy Go Now.

M.I.A – Bad Girls

What’s wonderful about music is that we will never forget about it. And sometimes, with no reason at all, it just comes back from the remotest dungeons of our mind, reopening thoughts and offering new reflection cues. Today my mind is wrecked by a 2012 track that belongs to one of the best artist on the worldwide independent music scene. I am talking bout M.I.A ladies and gentlemen.

Born in poverty and raised in misery. That’s the perfect recipe for a soul to express her deepest sounds.

What fascinates me the most about this Missing In Action woman is her strength and her faith in principles. First line warrior on environmental and human rights fights, M.I.A sings with the oppressed and for the outcasts. Yes, M.I.A. never flees away from conflict.

With Bad Girls, M.I.A takes her position on themes that have nothing to do with pop or sexyness. It’s about feeling empowered. It’s about breaking senseless rules for reinventing life. Ironically, you would never be able to tell that this song has so much depth. Bad Girls is a political manifesto: it’s about liberating women from those who oppress them. Filmed in Morocco, it revolves around being dressed in Arab clothing, dissolving rigid rules, allowing women to drive, and do tricks with their cars that are otherwise reserved for men.

Haters gonna hate. Who cares. Enjoy Bad Girls.